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What Questions to Ask a Towing Company

Question to ask

What you should hear


1) How long has your company been in Business? Best results 5 years or more green_check_small1 15 Years
2) How many trucks do you have? Best 5 or more green_check_small1 11
3) How many drivers do you have? Best 10 or more

green_check_small1 14

4) Does your company own the storage lot? Yes - Shows company has made an investment to serve the community

green_check_small1 Yes

5) Do you have multiple yards? Shows possible problem- If company has multiple yards. green_check_small1 No - one centrally located yard, staffed 24/7.
6) Do all your trucks have Wrecker Permit? Yes - Must have for Duval County green_check_small1 Yes
7) Have you recieved any awards, recognition by local agencies, or Motor Clubs? Yes - an established towing company is usually well recognized by the community it serves. green_check_small1 Yes - awards
8) Are you a member of any towing associations? Yes - a reputible towing company will be involved with professional groups and stay up to date on current laws and techniques. green_check_small1 Yes
9) Do you have truck insurance? Yes - very important green_check_small1 Yes
10) Do you have "on Hook" insurance? Yes - very important green_check_small1 Yes
11) Do you have Workers Compensation insurance? Yes - must cover all employees. green_check_small1 Yes

12) Do you have a valid Occupational License?

Yes - any company doing business must have one.

green_check_small1 Yes


Call us today and we will be happy to assist you with any towing related questions regarding all forms of towing and legal questions regarding towing. 


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