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Our Services include the following:

Century Pic• Towing
We mainly use the flatbed approach, which is ideal for today\'s front wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive vehicles. When appropriate, we will use other means according to vehicle manufacturer specifications.

• Class B Towing
We use our Medium Duty wheel lift truck to safely move large recreational vehicles (RVs) and bobtail tractors.

• Winching
Winching is the most dangerous job any tower can do. We minimize the danger by using snatch blocks and staying within the pull limits of our cables and other equipment. This also protects the vehicle, which saves you $$$$.

• Lockouts
We use the most modern techniques and tools to ensure damage-free vehicle entry. All tools we use have been approved by the National Locksmith Association and by all vehicle manufacturers.

truck big• Jump starts
We use a voltage regulated jump box to provide a quick start when your vehicle has a dead or weak battery. The old method of jumping from battery to battery using cables can cause damage to the delicate electronics found in modern cars, trucks and SUV\'s.

• Fuel
We are available to bring fuel to your vehicle in the unfortunate situation of an empty tank.





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