About Adkison Towing:
Your Trusted Towing Partner in Jacksonville, FL

We've proudly served Jacksonville motorists since 1997, building a reputation as the go-to towing experts in the region. With a remarkable 24 national awards, we've continually exceeded our customers' expectations, offering fast and reliable response times that Jacksonville residents and businesses can depend on.

Our Staff

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Donald L. Adkison

President and Founder

Donald L. Adkison, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida for over 45 years, boasts a distinguished career as a Retired Army Colonel, dedicating over 33 years to military service. His journey within the military ranks encompassed various pivotal roles, starting as a Platoon Leader and culminating as a Group Commander. Notably, he also assumed the crucial role of the State Aviation Officer for Florida.

Throughout his career, Mr. Adkison's unwavering focus has consistently revolved around safety and the importance of family, values he continues to uphold to this day. In 2006, he partnered with Mr. Gaylord of Southern Wrecker to establish the First Coast Road Rangers, further contributing to his impressive list of accomplishments. These are just a glimpse into the remarkable achievements that define his remarkable career.

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Donald “Marshall” Adkison


Donald "Marshall" Adkison has been a resident of Jacksonville, Florida since 1970. He began his educational journey at Lone Star Elementary and later graduated from Sandalwood High School. With a remarkable 28-year career in the Army, Major Adkison achieved the rank of Commander of the Transportation Terminal Battalion, having enlisted in 1982.

Throughout his military tenure, Major Adkison underwent extensive training and education, including Flight School, an Advanced Aviation Officers Course, an AH-64 Attack Helicopter Course, Command and Staff College, and a Transportation Officer Course. His dedication and commitment led him to serve in pivotal deployments such as Operation Desert Storm and Iraq Freedom, establishing himself as a proven Combat Officer who consistently raised the bar.

Notably, Major Adkison also left a lasting mark in the civilian world as the original author of the City of Jacksonville's ordinance for private property towing, known as "Tow-a-ways." His enduring commitment to excellence is a testament to his unwavering dedication and ongoing impact.

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Darrel Stalnaker

General Manager

Darrel Stalnaker, originally hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, brought a wealth of towing industry expertise with him when he relocated to Jacksonville. As the General Manager at Adkison Towing, he undertakes the challenging responsibility of overseeing the fleet, handling 30 trucks that remain operational and on the road. His commitment to effective fleet management is a testament to his dedication and the pivotal role he plays in the success of Adkison Towing.

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Bruce Hall

Sales and Marketing Director

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Bruce Hall's educational journey took him through Cedar Hill Baptist Christian School, NB Forrest High School, and further studies in Commercial Art at WSC. He also delved into Graphic Arts at FJC. With an impressive 22-year background in the printing and graphics field, Bruce transitioned into the towing industry in 2008, assuming the role of Marketing and Sales Director.

Throughout his career, Bruce has excelled in establishing and expanding valuable relationships within the multi-housing industry and beyond. His unwavering commitment to meeting his clients' needs, coupled with his extensive knowledge of private property towing, has made him a crucial asset to our company. Moreover, Bruce's innovative and creative approach to marketing further enhances the company's success, making him an integral part of our team.

Our Fleet

Trust our fleet of modern tow trucks to handle almost all towing needs anywhere in Jacksonville and the surrounding local beaches. We provide towing to many apartments, condos, commercial properties, private communities, HOAs, and shopping centers. Our private property specialists will happily assist you and your staff to make sure the legal steps are in place before private property towing begins. We insist on following all city ordinances and state laws to protect our customers' reputations.